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Mike Sanders rust prevention grease | rhoen-bull VW Bus
rhoen-bull VW Bus
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Mike Sanders rust prevention grease

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Mike Sanders rust prevention grease

Provides cavity protection and under-sealing for blank, corroded and painted surfaces. This is the only product (according to independent tests) that provides long term seam penetration and also protects better than its competitors. It is suited to all types of vehicles, vintage and classic, new and used of all ages. It does not have to be applied by a garage, it can be applied by a 'do-it-yourself' enthusiast with the right equipment. This is 100% product i.e. it contains no solvents which could results in lasting odours in the vehicle and therefore safe for the occupants.

Environmental Protection

This product plays an active roll in protecting the environment because vehicles treated with the grease will have a much longer lifecycle. And secondly the product is futuristic in its approach because it contains no solvents which have to be absorbed into our environment.

Directions for Use

Heat to 120°C (250°F). Never leave unattended and always use a Thermometer. Ideally the cavity nozzle and the pressure spray gun should also be slightly pre-heated. Using protective gloves pour the hot grease into the spraygun-container. (Note: Cartridge Spray guns are not suitable). Recommended pressure is 100 p.s.i. (5.-7. Bar). Safety precaution similar to paint spraying, ( do not inhale, use a mask, vent room, because sprayfog-mixture with air can be explosive). The RUST PREVENTION GREASE can also be applied by brush. Recommended coat thickness is min. 0.5mm.
Clean unintentionally sprayed areas with a cleaning agent such as degreaser or equivalent. The vehicle should ideally be treated when dry and the temperature is above 10°C (50°F). To improve the penetration into the seams and corners, heating in a spray booth ore with a hot air pistol is possible, although when applied , in the summer months this is not necessary.As a precautionary measure it is recommended to cover the vehicles with a plastic foil and to place for example newspapers underneath the water draining holes in the bodywork.

Grease that drops out of the vehicle during treatment can be re-heated and used again.
This product is especially effective when used under screws, chrome strips and light fittings. Nuts and bolts that have been treated will undo easily even after years of neglect. Rusted or corroded parts of the bodywork should be re-treated every four years. Depending on the amount applied, it is possible that in the summer months small amounts of the grease will drip out of the draining holes. But its better to have a grease spot than a rust spot!


MIKE SANDERS RUST PREVENTION GREASE is a mineral oil based product and should therefore not be allowed to run into the ground water. Wipe up any surplus grease with paper and dispose appropriately.
Because the application of our product lies outside our control we can only accept liability and guarantee the quality of the product itself.

Press Reports

......"The Reference product has a name: Mike Sander ".....

A ray of hope: In the metal boxes treated with MIKE SANDERS RUST PREVENTION GREASE the corrosion has been effectively stopped. Over the three year test period the rust tried in vain to bite into the treated surfaces and cavities. Also the seam penetration was convincing and the spread-ability into every part of the box even after three years was guaranteed denying the rust a foothold. No re-treatment was necessary.
Autobild No. 10 – 8th March 2002

Today, three years on, we know that Mike Sander was right: His product that had lost points in the first year (second place) because of its relatively slow spreading ability, has now in the long term test beaten off all the competition. MIKE SANDERS RUST PREVENTION GREASE is the clear winner of the long term test. Evidently in the warmer seasons this product awakes from hibernation and spreads into the seams and cavities, repairing rust spots and cracks in the treated areas even when they were several mm wide. When the metal boxes were opened MIKE SANDERS RUST PREVENTION GREASE had expanded into every corner and crevice.
Motorclassik Special No. 7