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Instruction spoiler

How to fix a Spoiler?
There are different possibilities to fix a grill spoiler. The best way to fix the normal Spoiler is to screw him from the top side with circa five screws (size circa 2,2 x 5 mm) in the Grill or you can glue him.

The fixing of the other spoiler (Bad Boy, Strong Boy) and mask is a little bit complex. The best possibility to fix the spoiler is to glue it on the grill. Before gluing, you have to remove the grill screwsand then put only two screws (one for the left, one for the right side) on the bottom line of the spoiler in the lamp beam behind. (This is important if you do not displace the srecws, you can not disassemble the grill to example for a lamp change.) You should only glue, if the grill is fix, because you have to look after the same distance between car body and spoiler everywhere.

Best glue: car body glue or Sikaflex


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